Dear ClimateTalk Alliance Interest Community,

Last month, the Alliance held its third All Members Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. More than 30 members from 16 companies participated in the three days of committee and work group meetings. The theme of the meeting was "Get in Tune" as the sessions were focused on developing synergies to advance the ClimateTalk Open Standards in harmony with new solutions and new members.

To that end, the members in attendance made significant progress in committee and work group sessions to further the specification and update the zoning, HVAC, and generic node profiles. The updated technology roadmap includes plans for development of a wireless bridge, an Internet Gateway and Open HAN EMS devices supported by wireless.

The ClimateTalk Alliance provides a unique, collaborative environment for building a vision of a connected home. We invite you to read on to find out more about recent and upcoming events and hope you will be inspired to come join the effort.

Susan Lowe
Executive Director
ClimateTalk Alliance

2011 Alliance Leadership

Elections were held for the Board of Directors as well as Steering Committee and Working Group Chairs. Please welcome the following Leadership Team and thank them in advance for their efforts in continuing the advancement of the ClimateTalk Open Standards:

ClimateTalk Alliance Furthers the Development of a Certification and Compliance Program

The Alliance has made significant progress on the identification of test cases to support the 1st Interoperability Test Event planned for October 4, 2011. A test case model was proposed for members to follow in the development of test cases that can be used to verify conformance to the standard as well as interoperability of devices. At the Spring Members Meeting, members created a sample test case using the proposed format and are driving to round out the full scope of requirements.

ClimateTalk Alliance held second meeting with Industry Advisory Group on May 5th

The purpose of the Advisory Group (AG) is to provide a voice for industry thought leaders and industry associations in the development of open communication standards that benefit all stakeholders in the HVAC & Water Heating Industry. The first meeting and launch of the AG took place this past January at ASHRAE in Las Vegas and included Alliance leadership and key industry leaders from the public and private sectors and industry groups.

The second AG meeting was held via webinar and provided a forum to discuss the benefits of a single standard to the various stakeholders in the ecosystem, Regulatory Bodies, OEMs, contractors, wholesalers and households. The group agreed there is clearly a time and cost-savings benefits to focusing on a single standard vs. many proprietary solutions for all stakeholders. One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of a single standard is manufacturers agreeing to unify and standardize on the component communication. The alliance provides the 'forum' where manufactures can take on that challenge, by collaborating on the development and agreeing on a standard for the greater benefit of all industry participants.

The next Advisory Group meetings will be held at

  • Comfortech, September 2011, Indianapolis
  • AHR Expo, January 2012, Chicago

Did You Know?

Over 925,000 Devices Using ClimateTalk Technology Have Been Sold!*

These devices include thermostats, furnaces and air handlers, A/C and heat pumps and 4-wire ECM motors. *(estimate as of March 2011)

ClimateTalk Alliance Team Demonstrates Demand Response Capabilities

As part of an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) program to define a common appliance socket interface, members of the ClimateTalk Alliance participated in a demo on May 4th at Southern Company Utilities in Calera, Alabama.

The team consisting of A.O. Smith, EDC, Emerson and Rheem successfully demonstrated the ability to respond to energy price signals from several sources including Comverge, Sensus and e-Radio Demand Response Module all using a Simple Serial Protocol (SSP) defined within the scope of the EPRI project.

With the goal of defining an interoperable standard, the ClimateTalk devices were a natural fit for providing both a system response of devices on a ClimateTalk network and response of a standalone device using the ClimateTalk platform.

Representatives from Portland General Electric, Duke Power and Southern Utilities were present at the demo and are beginning to see the potential of a common HVAC control language in supporting the capabilities and value proposition for the homeowner and contractors.

Thanks to the members who supported this great opportunity to raise awareness of the features and benefits of ClimateTalk to the Utility community.

Alliance Events

May 23 - 26, 2011

Panel Session
Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 1:30 - 3:30 PM

The Alliance is an Endorsing Sponsor at Connectivity Week 2011.
In addition, Andy Phillips, Director of Electronics, A.O. Smith and Board of Director, ClimateTalk Alliance will be speaking on a panel session at Connectivity Week on Plugging Appliances into Demand Response, Thursday, May 26 from 1:30 to 3:00 PM.
October 4, 2011
St. Louis, MO

Hosted by Emerson Climate Technologies.
Held in conjunction with the Fall All Members Meeting.
October 5 - 6, 2011
St. Louis, MO

Hosted by Emerson Climate Technologies.

Past Events

March 30 - April 1, 2011
Sheraton Music City Hotel
Nashville, TN

In addition to the work group sessions, the members enjoyed two evenings of dinner / networking events including Wednesday night's treat to the sounds of local music artist, Jessica Rae.
January 31 - February 2, 2011
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

The alliance participated in several activities at the Expo including an Educational Seminar targeted at HVAC contractors presented by Geoff Godwin, ClimateTalk Alliance board member and members Jim and Jeff Stanch (Nogginhaus). The ClimateTalk Alliance booth featured a demonstration of a new remote management software tool for home HVAC systems to help contractors provide better service to their customers and lower costs. In addition, an interoperability demonstration featured commercial products using ClimateTalk technology. The alliance also kicked off the Advisory Group at the Expo.

Past Presentations

Visit News and Events and Resources sections of the ClimateTalk Alliance website for a complete list of videos, graphics, white papers/case studies and presentations. The Alliance has made a number of presentations to various industry leading groups over the past twelve months. Many of them are posted so that you can see how Alliance leaders describe our work and help you gain better insight into what others might be doing with ClimateTalk Technology.

Welcome New Members in 2011!

The Alliance now totals 23 member companies.

Since January, the Alliance has added four new members. Welcome!



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