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White Papers

ClimateTalk™ Remote Access White Paper - 01/17/2012
ClimateTalk Open Standards Provide a Framework for Remote Access to Legacy Thermostats and Pathway to Smart, Connected System. This White Paper defines the current and future capabilities for Remote Access to applications designed to ClimateTalk Open Standards. more

ClimateTalk™ Smart Grid White Paper - 07/07/2011
How ClimateTalk™ Open Standards Complement Smart Grid Objectives.
This paper outlines a powerful value proposition that the ClimateTalk™ Open Standards bring to the Demand Response objectives of utilities and the Smart Grid by defining how major energy consuming equipment and appliances within the Customer Domain or home respond gracefully to peak load-shed reduction commands more

ClimateTalk™ Vision White Paper - 11/16/2009
Better communications for better customer value.
Picture the home of the future. This home is energy efficient and connected to the Internet and the electric Smart Grid. When the home was built in 1987, there was no Smart Grid and while the home was energy efficient for its time, technology has progressed much since then. Twenty years later, an HVAC contractor installs high efficiency, variable speed air handlers with heat pumps that use variable speed compressors and a programmable thermostat. more