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Member Benefits by Level

The ClimateTalk Alliance offers a number of benefits for its members.

There are three different levels of membership, including promoter, contributor and adopter. The following chart outlines the benefits according to each level.

Member Benefits Promoter Contributor Adopter
Seat on Board of Directors    
Approve New Board Members    
Approve Committees/Work Groups    
Approval of Specifications, Bylaws & Objectives    
Eligible for Executive Officer Position    
Vote in Officer Elections    
Develop Strategic Objectives    
Chair Steering Committees  
Participate in Steering Committees  
Chair Working Groups  
Approval of Working Group Draft Specifications  
Participate in Work Groups By invitation
Attend Annual Meetings, Workshops, and Events
Marketing Events, Press Releases and Newsletter
Access to Development Toolkit
Access to "Members Only" website
Submit products for certification
Use ClimateTalk specifications in products
Membership Fees $35,000 $9,500 $2,500