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ClimateTalk Enabled Products

ClimateTalk enables plug n play connectivity, a robust network for residential applications and a platform for interoperability and expansion.

With over 1 Million interoperable devices in the market today, there is undeniable proof that ClimateTalk enables plug n play connectivity, a robust network for residential applications and a platform for interoperability and expansion.

Below is a list of products available from members of ClimateTalk Alliance:



Communicating Systems Thermostats, Blowers and Compressors
Emerson Communicating Systems

Emerson's communicating system components include Hi-Def thermostats, Indoor controls for furnace or air handler, outdoor controls for air conditioner or heat pump, UltraTech variable speed Copeland Scroll, and 4-wire Variable Speed motor, which integrate and communicate to create a synergy that increases system capabilities. The Emerson Communicating System shares information system-wide through the ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol for better efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Systems equipped with the Emerson Communicating System can:
  • Auto-configure and check system settings during installation, eliminating manual dip-switch settings on indoor blower motors
  • Verify settings in minutes
  • Require no additional wires (4-wire communicating or 24-V control)
  • Provide diagnostics and Active Protection to prevent system damage
  • Have a memory module available
These unique features help ensure that systems are set up correctly the first time, allowing technicians to install and service HVAC systems with confidence.

EWC Controls

UltraTalk 3000 Communication Zone Control System
UltraTalk 3000

The one of a kind UT-3000 Zone Control System provides intelligent control of a communicating HVAC system or 24volt legacy HVAC system at a maximum of three zones using 24volt motorized dampers and any off-the-shelf 24 volt thermostat or compatible communicating thermostat. The UT-3000 is 100% plug and play when connected to a communicating HVAC system and network thermostats. The UT-3000 includes features such as proportional operation, automatic equipment recognition, dual fuel functions and precise control of supply air target & limit set-points. EWC Controls® raises the bar again and sets another new standard for residential and light commercial HVAC air zoning.

Goodman /Amana


Using four wires, a ComfortNet system configures any compatible gas furnace, air conditioner or heat pump system in seconds. When it's properly installed, the ComfortNet system monitors the performance of the indoor and outdoor system components to make certain that the entire indoor comfort system is operating as efficiently as possible. This combination offers what we consider to be an unmatched balance of indoor temperature and humidity control perfection. The ComfortNet system is capable of alerting the homeowner to call you when service is required on any part of the complete system. In addition, standard features of the ComfortNet system include dual fuel, outdoor temperature display, dehumidification, advanced diagnostics, a programmable continuous fan control, and more.

A wide assortment of features are available depending upon the ComfortNet Communicating thermostat you choose.


EcoTech 4 Wire Motor

Ultimate in efficiency and performance - with 4 wire communications, the EcoTech motor is easily customized to any OEMs airflow requirements. Smart and adaptable - self monitoring and communication with the system enables the EcoTech motor to provide comfort while protecting itself from harsh operating conditions. Simple set up and service - the EcoTech motor does not require field programming in a replacement scenario. The only 4 Wire HAC motor approved to ClimateTalk Open Standards.

Rheem / Ruud

Comfort Control 2 System
Comfort Control 2 System


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Coming soon.