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Technology Overview

ClimateTalk is a common information model developed for the exchange of information between disparate systems and devices.

Designed to provide cost-savings, control and diagnostic capabilities for residential applications, ClimateTalk is standards-based and data-focused for simplified implementation. It also allows for independent decision-making within each device, providing flexibility, customization, and interoperability within a common framework.  

The basis of ClimateTalk was designed around standard communication protocol models, which allows for overall flexibility and expandability among numerous applications outside of HVAC. The open architecture also allows it to be adapted by any manufacturer.

ClimateTalk Offers:

Open Model Approach
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Common messages and commands fundamental to applications
OEM Differentiation
  • Ability to differentiate within a common model
  • Expand message sets and applications
  • Add new components without upgrading user interface